how to keep your athletic gear smelling fresh

Ever pull your workout stuff from the dryer only to have it still smell funky?  yeah, that stinks (couldn't help it) but we have the fix!

  • hang it up to dry
    when you get back from the gym don't throw your dirty yoga stuff into a pile! hang it up and dry it out before tossing in the hamper.  Wet and dark is the perfect place for mold and that stuff smells!
  • pull your stuff inside out
    your skin sheds and gets stuck inside your stuff.  washing it inside out allows all that excess skin to be washed out.  Along with odor-causing bacteria.  
  • Odor eliminator 
    After packing up your gym bag just spray all your stuff with some Fresh Science.  This stuff will not only make all your stuff smell great but protect it against future stink!