turning a non-runner into a runner

We know a lot of the Fresh Science family are people who love fitness.  In times when it's not easy to get to the gym peoples options are limited for movement.  Some runners in the Fresh Science fam wanted to offer some tips on how for non-runners to get started.

  1. Embrace the suck. 
    it's going to hurt and anyone who tells you different is lying to you.  But anything worth doing isn't easy.  I will tell you I can do it.  I don't care if you have never run before.  you just have to set realistic goals

  2. Goals!
    Short, mid-term, and long-term goals.  if you have never run before you don't need to get out and do a marathon.  You need to manage your expectations and celebrate your victories. 

    A good short-term goal for a beginner would be "walk for 20-30 min".  Just keep building and trying to be a  little bit better then you were yesterday.

  3. It's ok to fail!
    Nobody is starting to run and going right to the Olympics.  don't judge yourself vs others.  moving a little bit 4-5 times a week will build improvement.   at the same time really try to stay consistent and measure yourself against yourself.  #bettereveryday

  4.  and of course, make sure to spray your gear and shoes with Fresh science. We can't guarantee that it will make you faster,  but people will think you smell great!